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My Story

      I'm Smith Alley. I'm 16 years old from Salt Lake City, UT. I was exposed to pornography at a young age and struggled with that for 5 years as well as the harmful effects that social media had on my mental health. After deciding to change the course of my life, I fell in love with helping other people. I've started a company called PROTECHT so I can extend my reach even further. 



Our partnership with OurPact

PROTECHT provides an in-home service to talk to families about the harmful effects of pornography and social media, as well as navigate the family through creating some media guidelines.

PROTECHT has partnered with a parental restrictions app called OurPact; we will help parents set this up quickly and efficiently,as well as teach them how to use the app to its full potential.


Providing a Number 1 Service

Someone on your side, who your kids will listen to.

Peer Influence

Sometimes it's hard as a kid to listen to parents, however having someone who kids see as relatable can be a great benefit in getting a message across.

Start Smiling

Feel like you finally have your family back with less time spent on phones, and more time spent with each other.

Parental Control App

Learn to be confident in one of the best restrictions app available. Be taught to be aware of any possible ways around the restrictions. 


Living Life Bigger

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

At PROTECHT, we are all about living bigger. Spending less time on phones allows people to spend more time doing things they love, and being with people they love. Limiting or eliminating time spent on social media will surely find yourself feeling less anxious, and enjoying the world around you much more.


OurPact is the most comprehensive parental control app and family locator, perfect for families of any sizes.

OurPact can be used across both IOS and Android platforms.

OurPact's features will keep you confident in your ability to keep your family safe.



Some feedback from PROTECHT's first customers and supporters.

“It was a real game changer to have Smith from Protecht visit our family. We had talked with our kids about internet safety and phone guidelines, but it made all the difference to have a peer share his personal story and experience. Smith is genuine and amazingly charismatic, so the kids really listened to him and engaged with the topics he presented--everything from a family contract to media-free zones to setting boundaries. My kids especially appreciated that Smith stresses the importance of the positive use of technology while we appreciated the ideas he presented about life being bigger than your phone. Even though I consider myself to be very tech savvy, it was great to have him help us set up OurPact as well! I highly recommend Protecht to any family.”

"Smith is a remarkable young man in every sense of the word. Every teenager needs to hear his story and every parent needs to learn from him how to keep their kids protected and safe on their devices."

"Smith is the perfect help for securing a teenager's phone. The kids accept this instruction and guidance much better with his help than if it had just come from me, a parent. Also, he's extremely patient in helping a technophobe like me get the phones secure. I highly recommend PROTECHT's services to any family!"

Kristen Johnson

Collin Kartchner

Megan and Adam Wooten


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